Thursday, December 26, 2013

Casting lead figures the old fashioned way when men were men, wore ties when gaming and did not worry about the effects of pouring molten lead at 621.5 degrees on their bare hands.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another scratch built gun emplacement made from scraps, reused cardboard and Dollar Store items. This one is also based upon WWII photographs and was even more fun to make than the first gun emplacement.

Another of my "Hey, this seems like a neat thing to try" projects. This entrenchment is based upon one found on the Japanese island of Betio/Tarawa though could be used in Europe as well. This was actually not too difficult to do. The sandbags took the longest time as each subsequent row required the previous row to dry before starting the next.

The searchlight comes without a crew so can be used for any theater. The wheeled cart is specifically Japanese and the crewman is a converted figure from Japanese walking bicycles miniatures.

Finished corners, cut to about 45 degrees, to allow a better look/fit on the gaming table.

Rural fences (prior to cutting angles on the ends for better fit) in use in "Victory of the Czech Navy", a Russian Civil War game at Enfilade 2013. Czech soldiers disembark from barges and push Red partisans from a local seaside village.

Scratch built fences