Saturday, September 27, 2014

Japanese WWII Emplacement #2

 The original photo that formed the basis of this emplacement.

 Basic form with reinforced sides.
 A bargain from the Dollar Tree = $1 for an almost endless supply of "bamboo logs."

 Bamboo logs in place.
 Initial coat of spackle.
 I noted the spackle would not lay well as high as I wanted it to lay. I added some "shelves" made from scrap cardboard and glued them at the level/height I wanted.
 A much better look to the walls around the gun emplacement.

 "Sandbags" made from ProCreate added after the spackle dried overnight.

 The blast wall, inside and outside views (this wall would be a separate piece). The basing material is already on the model - a more fine type inside the emplacement and a rougher style on the outside.


 The finished emplacement. Note: the area between the sandbags and the bamboo logs was covered with extremely fine basing material to represent sand.

The final painted emplacement by itself, with a searchlight and with a 20mm AA HMG in place. I was very pleased with the final result.